Company Profile

Since 1975 we are Dealing in different type of chemicals used in textile processing and dyes intermediates industries.

Our business policy is to maximum satisfaction to our user by our product’s quality, quantity and compatible price and long term business relationship.

Our motto is to produce different quality by different technology route to serve our customer better and to beat competition.

To give best and assured quality of products we develop modern testing lab. And sufficient storage capacity likes tanks, godowns to store products in good conditions and quantity .

We have established our credibility amongst the reputed business organizations in textile and dyes intermediates units.

We are associated with liquid chemicals like SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE (BLEACH LIQUOR), SODIUM BI SULPHITE 30-40% SOLUTION, SODIUM SULPHIDE FLAKES, SODIUM HYDROGEN SULPHIDE (NaHS) 28-30%, FERRIC CHLORIDE SOLN 40%, SPENT CAUSTIC SODA(5-20%), So, We own our private tankers for prompt delivery service and lesser costing to customer.

Our products are used in textile, water treatment, oilfield industry, paper and pulp, sugar, dyes and intermediates, pollution control, pharmaceuticals, leather swimming pools pesticides, pigments and households.